Role Of Blue Collar In The Economy

The blue collar class of workers usually involves employee involved in some manual labor or some industry and usually their work does not require much skill. Most of the times the employees are indulged in some routine which can be learned through training. However, the blue collar recruitment agency hires an efficient employees having some specific attributes. Although, the education requirement for these employee is not very high because their work does not demand it. Usually, some diploma in the relevant domain is demanded and sometimes some extra training programs are the requirement of these jobs. For some particular jobs falling in the category of the blue collar such as the job of plumber or some electrician or some mechanic also require certificate from the state.

It has been seen that developed countries are moving towards the increase of the white collar jobs and it has been observed that there has been a constant decrease in the jobs of blue collar from some time especially in developed countries. In the United States of America, the blue collar job fields are transportation, manual labor, industry workers, machine operators, helpers and cleaners of the machine. However, the industrial states of US have seen a wide decrease in the blue collar jobs. This situation was the result of the industry decentralization in these areas. The industry decentralization moved many industries from these states which in result ended in the termination of many blue collar jobs which led the people of these states to the conditions of poverty and unemployment. The states of America that suffered from these crisis involves Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Detroit and Youngstown.

This is the era of technology. The technology is taking over all over the world and playing its part in every field of the life. The researchers and modern techs are making efforts to provide automation in every field of the life. This automation may leads the world to a efficient future but this imposes a great threat for the blue collar employees. The work of the blue collar employees is usually a skilled which can be learnt from the training therefore some automated machine can easily replace the work of the man in this aspect and is expected to work even more efficiently than some man itself. A recent research tells that almost 83 percent of the blue collar jobs in which 20 dollars are earned every hour has an threat from the automation.